Weekend with The Spunyboys

Hello Rockers/Rockabella’s,

Last week, as you probably knew, there was a rockabilly meeting in Eindhoven. A day before the event, i decided to go. I only knew that Dee-ann and The Nightcaptains and The Spunyboys would play. I went there with some friends of mine. When we got in Eindhoven, we searched 20 minutes for a cash dispenser.

When we found it and got some money out of it, we went to the party. Dee-ann was just starting. As always, they played very good. After Dee-ann, we went to a Javanese restaurant, and we ordered a rice-table. When we were done, The Spunyboys where about to begin.

I saw them last month, and knew they would be good. But they had a few new songs like ghost riders and rawhide, and i think they played better then before! The crowd asked for 3 encores!

The day after, i would go to a living room concert with The Spunyboys in De Melkbus. Now you think, “2 times the same band, isnt that boring?”. No, it was anything but that. They performed with the same energy, but it was still different from the day before. I danced on a few numbers, and i wasn’t the only one who couldn’t hold their feet still!

I(cameraman) made a montage of the performance in De Melkbus, so you can get a impression of how good The Spunyboys played!

That all sayed, i had a great weekend last week!